Powerful Catholic Reflection for the day 11th February 2023

Hello Friend!!! Welcome you to this Powerful Catholic Reflection for the day 11th February 2023. I am very happy to see you coming to read this reflection. Today’s readings.

Readings of the Day

First ReadingGenesis 3:9-24
Gospel ReadingMark 8:1-10
Readings of the Day

Focus of the Today

Sin may bring quick results, temporary benefits, and shallow pleasures, but eventually it lands one into misery and destruction

Inspiring Catholic Reflection for the Day

1.      Sin alienates humans from God. They lose that intimacy and freedom with God. They lose their sense of worth and dignity. They lose the sense of confidence and joy. The expulsion of the first parents from paradise is very symbolic of this essential loss. It is not merely being driven away from a place, but it is a basic being driven away from their original dignity, intimacy, beauty, and joy.

2.      In consequence, guilt and shame, hunger and thirst, struggle and toil, want and dissatisfaction become their lot. But, the Saviour averts this sinful situation with his offer of salvation. In the gospel, in Jesus, we see this contrasting situation. We see a contrast in how Jesus draws the people to himself and thus turns them to God.

3.      He understands our situations of struggle and wants. He does not want to leave us to struggle with our desert of dryness and hunger. He feels compassion for us. He attends to our wants. He alleviates our hunger. He satisfies our needs.

4.      Those who approach Jesus will never be disappointed or turned down. They will never be allowed to collapse on their way. They will have their fill and full. They will have, not only enough but abundance (7 baskets still leftover).

5.      As humans we are, living on this earth, we cannot wish to be totally free from situations and experiences of dryness, want, and worry. The fact is struggle and toil is part of our human life. But, we can always find ways and means to address these concerns. We can have the direction and strength to resolve them appropriately.

6.      And the best means is to confide in Jesus and to turn to him. Also, from our part, offer to him all the little we have, the seven loaves and few fish, to join to his mighty abundance. He will surely multiply them to feed the multitude.

Direction For Life

When we hunger and thirst for God, when we sacrifice something in preference to his presence and word, surely God will take care of our needs. 

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