Powerful Catholic Reflection for the day – 12th Jan 2023

Catholic Reflection for the day for 12th January 2023.

Catholic reflection of the day is on Healing power of Jesus. Today’s readings are taken from letter to the Hebrews and Gospel of St. Mark, they both focus on to be humble and being in touch with God without harding our hearts.

Readings of the Day

First Reading HEBREWS 3. 7-14
GospelMARK 1. 40-45

Catholic reflection for today focus: Many times in our life, things happen against our expectations and calculations. Instead of questioning God’s ways, it is better to be humble and surrender ourselves to His holy will

2 Short Catholic Reflection for the day

1. In the gospel, we have a leper who stands as an example of humility, trust, and surrender. He was humble to realise his misery of leprosy and the need for healing. He was humble to implore Jesus and kneel before him. He was humble to respect Jesus’ freedom, saying, “If you will…”

2. He trusted in Jesus’ power as well as mercy. That is why, he says, “If you will, you can make me clean”. He totally surrendered himself to Jesus’ will. Hence, he was rewarded with healing. Jesus was personally moved with compassion, stretched out his hand, touched him, said to him, “I will; be clean” and thus healed him.

Direction for Life

How much of my life is directed by humility, trust, and surrender? How often do I too expect a magical intervention of God in my life? Am I stuck only to images and devotions, without a personal relationship with God? We must remember that having holy things in our possession and dealing habitually with them is no guarantee of protection and success

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