Effective Catholic Reflection for the day for 13th January 2023.

Catholic reflection of the day is on Healing power of Jesus. Today’s readings are taken from letter to the Hebrews and Gospel of St. Mark, they both focus on Healing of our being.

Readings of the Day

First ReadingHEBREWS 4. 1-5, 11
GospelMARK 2. 1-12

Catholic reflection for today focus: True healing is holistic because it changes the whole person and makes him whole. Those who are only physically healed but are not changed in their life are only partially healed

3 Short Catholic Reflection for the day

1.  One greatest malaise of our present society is a rapid and steep decline of faith. This pertains not only to the religious domain but also to all the fields and spheres of life. There is a lack of faith in families, religious circles, politics, business, and whatnot. The immediate consequence is interior unhealthiness. Those who lack faith and are not faithful can never be happy and healthy in the full sense.
2. In the gospel too we have an example of faith and lack of faith respectively. The friends of a paralytic, brought to Jesus through the roof exemplify this faith. The scribes who blame Jesus for blasphemy embody this lack of faith. The four friends of the paralytic realise the almost impossibility of reaching Jesus through the crowd. Thereby, they make an opening in the roofing and let down their friend on the bed straight in front of Jesus.
3.  On the other hand, the scribes harp on Jesus’ healing words, “Your sins are forgiven” and accuse him of blasphemy. They are closed. They remain unhealed. Actually, it is they who need the healing.

Direction for Life

True faith is essentially making an opening in the heart and opening the heart to the Lord; lack of faith is closing the heart to the Lord. Faith heals while unfaith sickens

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