Powerful Catholic Reflection for the day 15th March 2023

Hello Friend!!! Welcome you to this Powerful Catholic Reflection for the day 15th March 2023. I am very happy to see you coming to read this reflection. Today’s readings.

Main Theme of the Day: Follow and Live!

First ReadingDeuteronomy 4:1, 5-9
Gospel ReadingMatthew 5:17-19
Readings of the Day

Focus of the Today

 Fidelity to law means to understand the spirit of the law, its purpose and the goal of it, and do actions according to it

Inspiring Catholic Reflection for the Day

1.      There is always a desire and pursuit for greatness both individually and collectively as nations and people. This is something common and natural. But real greatness is often reduced only to the material and social aspects, in terms of possessions and positions.

2.       It is here that the first reading from Deuteronomy clarifies that true greatness is in being wise and understanding, saying, “Surely this great nation is a wise and understanding people”. Now, this greatness as wisdom and understanding is further elaborated.

3.       It is having God so near and close. It is having statutes and rules that are righteous. It is keeping our souls diligently lest they depart from our hearts. It is keeping them and doing them faithfully. Further, it is teaching others also and making them follow the same

4.       This is real greatness and wisdom. Greatness is not throwing away the laws and rules but rather wisely understanding their spirit and fulfilling them. Thus, we become great not by the abolition of the law but by its perfection of it. Jesus announces clearly: “I have come not to abolish the law but to fulfill and perfect it”. “Whoever follows the least of the commandments and teaches others to do so, is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven”

5.       Many have a wrong perspective toward laws and rules. Often greatness and freedom are equated with despisal of the laws. Following the law is not servitude to laws. Fidelity to law is not always the same as legalism. In the same way, lawlessness is not freedom.

6.       A law is good when it takes and keeps us closer to God, when it helps us for a righteous living, when it makes us follow God’s commandments and ways and when it helps us to teach and guide others the right way.

Direction For Life

The mindset of the people must change with regard to the idea of greatness. It must be removed from its material and worldly sense. It must be understood as a wise and righteous way of living

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