Inspiring Catholic Reflection for the Day 16th January 2023

Hello My Brother and Sister,

Welcome you to this wonderful day and catholic reflection. Today is a God given gift for us to experience his love and kindness. As we are in the second week monday in the ordinary time and we called to reflect on the following.

Topic for reflection: What is perfect spirituality?

Readings of the Day

First ReadingHEBREWS 5. 1-10
Second ReadingMark 2: 18-22

Focus of today

God is pleased, not so much with external offerings and spiritual activities, but with an obedient heart and a genuine life

Catholic Reflection

External spiritual activities and devotional practices are good and needed. They manifest our love for God and our loyalty to Him. They show how much we care for Him and are related to Him. They also help us to grow in our faith and closeness with God.

Further, they also inspire, illumine, and strengthen us to change our life for the better and to live a renewed life in tune with our devotion and spirituality. In that way, no one can deny or reduce the importance of spiritual concerns.

But, many times the problem with many is, there is no correspondence between the spiritual and actual life. One may be very fervent spiritually but indifferent toward others.

One may praise and worship God actively, but may be very abusive and blame others. One may be very humble and submissive before God, but arrogant and domineering toward others.

It is a shallow spirituality and a fake devotion. Jesus is always unhappy with such spirituality. It is this hypocrisy that Jesus reproaches in today’s gospel as well. This is exactly putting a new patch on an old cloth, putting new wine into old wineskins. Without changing the old cloth and wineskins of sin and evil, there is no use in putting on new patches and new wine. Our devotion is not a substitution for dedication. Our spirituality is not a mask for the lack of integrity.

Therefore, what is most important in life and what really counts before God is not mere religious practices or offerings, but obedience to God’s will and honesty in living. All our spiritual activities should be directed to abide close to the Lord and to renew life. The presence of the bridegroom is more important than all the other matters of marriage. A thorough renewal of life is more important than mere patchwork and temporary adjustments.

Direction for Life

The right and perfect spirituality is not merely a bundle of religious duties, but a humble obedience to God’s will, as Jesus did, though the Son of God himself


Hope you got some touching point for your life today. God bless you any suggestions are invited for our improvement and your nourishment. Thank You.

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