Powerful Catholic Reflections for the day – 25th February 2023

Hello Friend!!! Welcome you to this Powerful Catholic Reflection for the day 25th February 2023. I am very happy to see you coming to read this reflection. Today’s readings.

Main Theme of the Day: Leave and live!

First ReadingISAIAH 58. 9b – 14
Gospel ReadingLUKE 5. 27-32
Readings of the Day

Focus of the Today

 The Lord calls us any time and anywhere to follow him. He does not bother about our qualifications or worthiness. All that matters is the willingness to follow him

Inspiring Catholic Reflection for the Day

1.      The call of Matthew can be emblematic of any other call. In the first place, it gives us a profound sense of consolation and encouragement with great assurance that the Lord is never conditioned by our weaknesses and failures. He is not influenced or swayed over by human judgments or labels

2.      The Lord was least bothered about the sinful condition of Matthe and the social stigmatisation of him as a sinner. What matters for him is not the background check-up but the forward march. He does not expect readymade saints or already fully-fit disciples

3.      He knows what he can make of us if only we respond to his call and cooperate with his training and formation. Apart from Jesus’ unconditional mercy in calling Matthew, what is striking is Matthew’s instant and prompt response

4.      No sooner Jesus calls him, “Follow me”, than “leaving everything behind, he got up and followed him”. What an act of promptness! What a spirit of total detachment and renunciation! For a man who was always preoccupied with accumulating and hoarding, leaving everything would be terrible

5.      Mark! he did leave, not only something but everything. Discipleship becomes meaningful when the giving up is total and not partial or half-measures. He left everything “behind” because the Lord is in front. When the priceless treasure is before him, why cling on to what is behind which is of minor value?

6.      The clause that he “got up” denotes not only a physical act of getting up from his place but it symbolises the very life that he takes up. It is getting up from his sinful life, a life of deception, injustice, and self-promotion. In the words of the first reading, it is to turn away from “following his own ways, seeking his own interests and speaking malice”

7.      With this decisive turn, Matthew begins to follow the Lord. His life changes totally. It is no more living for himself but for the Lord. It is no more cheating the people but being authentic. It is no more working for money and temporary profits but for the kingdom and the heavenly riches

Direction For Life

The real call of the Lord is not one time or one-day affair. It is an unceasing process, a daily striving, a consistent transition from the world to the Lord and his kingdom

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