Powerful Catholic Reflections for the day – 10th Jan 2023

Catholic Reflections for the day for 10th January 2023.

Catholic reflections of the day is on authority. Today’s readings are taken from letter to the Hebrews and Gospel of St. Mark, they both focus on the authorship of Jesus on our life.

Catholic reflection for today focus: In a time of degenerating authority, we need to rediscover and recapture the right spirit of authority and learn to exercise the same type

4 Powerful catholic reflections for the day

1. It is not a sweeping judgment to say that today authority is getting corrupted. It is becoming synonymous with manipulation, discrimination, and domination. The real spirit of authority which is nobility and dignity of character is corroding. The real purpose of authority which is service and benefit of others is sidelined.

2. It is in this context the word of God is resurging the true authority. True authority is to be seen in terms of spiritual tenacity, moral credibility, and authenticity of life. Jesus was totally united with his Father and spiritually vibrant. He was integral and credible. He was so authentic without any trace of duplicity. This was his real authority and not merely the divine power to work some miracles. This was the authority that made him different and distinct from others in authority.

3. Jesus’ authority was thus holistic, both in words and deeds. That is why he could teach and preach powerfully and also could heal and exorcise authoritatively. This type of authority is a serious warning and challenge to those in authority in our present times.

4. How sadly the authority of today is mostly devoid of spirituality, morality, and authenticity! How many today turn their authority into a tool for self-projection, self-promotion, and self-glory? How much does authority degenerate into a means for subjugating and overpowering others?


Unless the present authority regains that lost touch of spiritual fervor and moral authenticity, it will not be powerful to demolish evil and establish good

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