Super Catholic Reflections for the day – 11th Jan 2023

Catholic Reflections for the day for 11th January 2023.

Catholic reflections of the day is on Being in touch with God. Today’s readings are taken from letter to the Hebrews and Gospel of St. Mark, they both focus on the close relationship that we have with God.

Catholic reflection for today focus: When we remain close to God, for sure God will touch and transform us; He will speak to us and empower us to be a prophet in His name, as He did with Samuel

3 Best Catholic Reflections for the day

1. This is the whole purpose and content of all our vocation and mission: To stay intimately with the Lord, to listen to him attentively, and to be a prophet of the Lord, set on his mission. This is what Jesus did. The gospel text of today places before us one day in the life of Jesus. This gives us a beautiful summary of all the days of his life. It was one whole of praying, preaching, and healing. These were the essential ingredients of his life and ministry. They were a perfect blend and never in conflict.

2. There was no neglecting one or excluding one because of the other two. They were complementing and supported each other. There was no conflict at all between his personal life and public ministry. One flows into the other. It was a mission-oriented life and life-permeated mission.

3. This harmonious life and mission of Jesus is a great lesson for today where often there is a great tug of war between life and ministry. Often, there is excellence in ministry but indifference, indulgence, and incongruence in life. There is so much activity in ministry but without authenticity in real life. Thus, often the spirit and fact do not correspond with each other. Thus, often there is so much neglect of prayer and moral values in preference to the bundles of activities of the ministry.

Inshort for life

Life and ministry are not contradictory but complementary. What we are and what we do must go together. Otherwise, people may appreciate us for the work we do but blame us for the life we live

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