Spiritual Catholic Reflection for the Day – 14th January 2023

Catholic reflection of the day is on Calling of Jesus. Today’s readings are taken from letter to the Hebrews and Gospel of St. Mark, they both focus on Calling of Lavi.

Readings of the Day

First ReadingHEBREWS 4. 12-16
GospelMARK 2. 13-17

Catholic reflection for today focus: God’s ways and choices are not always comprehensible. Many times His designs are upsetting and unconventional but no one can question the wisdom in them

4 Short Catholic Reflection for the day

1. In the gospel too Jesus chooses Levi, a tax collector as one of his twelve apostles. Certainly, it was not a bright choice, nor the right one. Levi was labelled as a sinner due to his job as a tax collector. He was despised by society. But Jesus calls him to follow him to be his disciple. What are his criteria?

2. We are not fully clear on Jesus’ criteria. But we can be sure that the criteria of Jesus are not at all in tune with the criteria of the world. It is not social status or dignity. It is not a high level of the family. It is not the person’s good looks. It is not intelligence. It is not competence. If these were to be the criteria, many of the clergy and religious will not stand the test.

3. It is ultimately God’s benevolent choice. It is His selfless love that wants to be in solidarity with us. It is His sharing love that wants to make us His companions and friends. That is why he freely and happily eats with tax collectors and sinners. He calls the sick, and not the healthy. He chooses the sinners and not the righteous.

4. He has also a purpose, a goal. He entrusts us with his own mission. It is to spread His kingdom of love, justice, joy, and peace. For belonging to him, for following him, there are no conditions or criteria. All are welcome! What we are before the call is not a matter. What we will become in his following is what matters the most.

Direction for Life

Instead of wasting time in reasoning out the criteria for God’s choices and actions, it is better to understand His will and expectations in calling us and strive to live worthy of His call

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