Powerful Catholic Reflection for the Day 17th January 2023

Hello My Brother and Sister,

Welcome you to this catholic reflection for the day. This is a special day for us to experience the support of our beloved master our Lord Jesus. In the readings today we would come across Jesus justifying the actions of his disciples. As we are in the second week tuesday in the ordinary time and we called to reflect on the following.

Topic for reflection: Law or Happiness

Readings of the Day

First ReadingHEBREWS 6. 10-20
Gospel ReadingMark 2. 23-28

Focus of today

There is no greater law and rule in life than the good and happiness of fellow human beings. A law that fails to do good is no good law

Powerful Catholic Reflection for the Day

Certainly, laws and rules are needed for the smooth running of any society. They provide order and direction. They check and control anti-social or selfish tendencies and acts. They guard against indiscipline and irresponsible freedom. A lawless society or person will be chaotic.

Thus, every law is meant ultimately for the welfare and progress of human persons. Any law and rule that threatens the dignity and happiness of the person, and subverts and oppresses his life, is not good.

Therefore, the value of every rule and regulation should be judged, only based on its usefulness. The true success of the law is not in a meticulous following of it, but in bringing progress and happiness. In simple, a law is good when it does good to the persons, and when it makes good persons.

The heart of a rule is the rule of the heart. The true efficacy of a rule is the ability to look into the heart, to look at the need of the other. In the words of the letter to the Hebrews 6. 10-20, to be truly law-abiding is “not to be sluggish, but to serve others in all love and earnestness”. This is the perfect following of the law: to be steady “imitators of those who inherit the eternal promises, through faith and patience”.

The whole fault of the Pharisees and scribes was failing to see and go beyond the letter to this spirit and purpose of the laws. For them, Sabbath was a law, and that must be followed at any cost, even at the cost of the good. Hence, they criticise Jesus’ disciples for breaking the Sabbath, instead of seeing their hunger.

But, on the contrary, Jesus looks at the heart of the disciples. He sees their deeper simplicity of heart beyond the apparent violation of the Sabbath. He sees the need of their hunger beyond the heartless and uncharitable practice of the law of the Pharisees.

Hence his famous attestation: “Sabbath for man, and not man for Sabbath”.

Direction For Life

Heart is more important than heartless reasoning. Good is more important than dry rule. Loving and helping others is more important than keeping the law


Hope you had a good experience reading the reflection for the day. With another powerful message we shall meet in the next post. Stay Tuned in Biblemsg.com Thank You.



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