Powerful Catholic Reflections for the day 23rd February 2023

Hello Friend!!! Welcome you to this Powerful Catholic Reflection for the day 23rd February 2023. I am very happy to see you coming to read this reflection. Today’s readings.

Main Theme of the Day: Destined for life!

First ReadingDeuteronomy 30:15-20
Gospel ReadingLuke 9:22-25
Readings of the Day

Focus of the Today

 In life, often many make wrong choices and decisions. This clearly shows that mere intelligence and knowledge are not enough. Something more is needed

Inspiring Catholic Reflection for the Day

1. We can condense the whole thrust and direction of the word of God into two themes: Life and wisdom. Life is our ultimate end and goal. We are destined for life and life in eternity. God wants us to live fully and joyfully here and now and later eternally.

2. We can live so only when we have wisdom. First of all, wisdom is a precious gift of God. It is a fundamental choice for God that leads to all other choices. It is not only an intellectual assent but clarity, conviction, and commitment

3. A wise person is illumined and solidified by God to see clearly, to be convinced strongly, and to be committed fully. Accordingly, a wise person chooses life in preference to death, prosperity in preference to doom, the true God in preference to the false gods, the blessing in preference to curse, and the world in preference to the soul

4. This leads him to a particular way of living and acting. He would love the Lord, walk in his ways, and obey and keep His commandments, statutes, and decrees. He would not turn away his heart and be led astray and adore and serve other gods. He would prefer to lose the world and the earthly gains for the sake of the Lord and the spiritual benefits

5. The most authentic effect and evidence of wisdom and a wise life is becoming a disciple of the Lord. A wise person who is intent on eternal life will surely become a disciple. He would fulfill the three essential conditions for discipleship, namely self-denial, cross-bearing, and loyalty to follow

6. A disciple in wisdom gives up his false self instead of propping up self-interests and blown-up ego. He would cultivate a spirit of detachment and retrenchment. He would bear his various crosses in patience and surrender. He would ceaselessly commit himself to emulate the Lord in virtue and life

Direction For Life

Let our constant prayer be not only for this or that particular favour or benefit but primarily for the gift of wisdom to love the Lord and be committed to him

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