Super Catholic Reflection for the Day 19 January 2023

Hello Friend!!! Welcome you to this catholic reflection for the day of 19th January 2023. I am very happy to see you coming to read this reflection. Today’s readings are inviting us to reflect upon, our blindness of the heart that closes the eyes to the good a person is or does; often the problem is not the absence of good but the absence of the ability to see the good present

Topic For Reflection: Go and get healed

Readings of the Day

First ReadingHEBREWS 7.25 – 8.6
Gospel ReadingMARK 3. 7-12

Focus of the Today

God is ever ready to touch us and heal us. He is eager to drive out our evil spirits and put in His Spirit. How much we are ready and willing to do?

Powerful Catholic Reflection for the Day

Down through the ages, God continues to intervene in the lives of humanity. The purpose is to liberate them, save them, and give them renewed dignity and joy. But at the appointed time, He incarnates His divinity in human form in the person of Jesus Christ. He is our unique and supreme High priest.

Unlike the other high priests, he no more offers other ordinary sacrifices. Rather he offers his own self. He makes himself one among the sinners but separated from them. He is the high priest, holy, blameless, and unstained. This is the excellent ministry of his expiation for our purification and sanctification.

This is concretely seen in Jesus’ ministry.  Jesus sets himself on a relentless mission of healing and exorcism. The opposition, the jealousy, and the evil of the Pharisees and scribes do not deter him or discourage him. Unconditioned benevolence steers him on a path of immense good.

If God is ceaselessly announcing His good news, healing, and exorcising, then why still many continue discomforted and misguided, sick and weak, evil-possessed and evil-driven? See the irony: even the evil spirits acknowledge Jesus as the Son of God, but the humans do not.

As long as one does not see and accept one’s sickness and evil, as long as one does not feel the need for healing, and as long as one refuses to approach Jesus for his touch, one will not change and become better. God’s grace and power are abundantly available, but the openness and eagerness to respond and cooperate are lacking!

Direction For Life

Not realising, not accepting, and not diagnosing sickness is worse than the sickness itself. What is sad is preferring to be sick, throwing away the remedies of health!


Hope you had a good experience reading the reflection for the day. With another powerful message we shall meet in the next post. Stay Tuned in Thank You.

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